Q & A

Common questions about Fritha Vincent and Believe YOU can make a difference are answered below.

Why Fritha Vincent?

During 11 years working in the voluntary and not for profit sector Fritha faced significant challenges, and learnt how to realise ideas she believed in. She learnt how to maintain a positive outlook and has benefited from wise mentors. This puts her in a strong position to help people fulfil their dreams by doing things differently having a positive impact on the world and others through their lives.

What relevant qualifications does Fritha have?

Fritha is a graduate of Newcastle University with an honours degree in Social Studies. Fritha has a Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy and is Institute of Fundraising Certified after completing an Open University Course in Winning Resources and Support.

Who is a typical client of Believe YOU can make a difference?

Fritha works with individuals and organisations who’s mission is to make a positive impact on the world. Although Fritha mainly works with small charities, she offers focused projects for larger ones.

Which charities and organisations have commissioned work from Believe YOU can make a difference?

Adventure Ashram, Alcohol Concern, Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, Care International, Encompass, Heart n Soul, Marie Curie Cancer Care, South West Councils and UNICEF

How many people has Fritha coached?

Fritha has successfully coached over 80 people, 60 of which are Professional Fundraisers.

Where can I find Fritha’s crowdfunding campaigns online?

Fritha has led two successful crowdfunding campaigns. In 2014 Fritha raised £16,571 through her campaign on Kickstarter called Discover the Secret of the Pillows. She went on to raise £32,364 on Crowdfunder through her campaign Become a Secret Pillower.

What is involved in charity management?

The UK Charity Commission provides a framework within which charities are legally required to operate and identifies best practice procedures. The management and governance of charities involves a wide variety of skills, knowledge and time. Fritha can advise and/or carry out all or part of the work that needs to be done on behalf of those responsible for a charity.

Charity Management Services include financial and data management, marketing/fundraising, supporter care, communications, volunteer management and support carry out due dilegence for charity governance.

How does fundraising advisory work?

Fundraising action plans, strategies or whatever you want to call them always benefit from comment and feedback from fresh eyes. Fritha can listen to your plans, learn about the opportunities and challenges you have and work with you to strengthen, focus and sharpen your plans to increase the money you raise. Fritha welcomes the opportunity to get involved with fundraisers/fundraising teams, supporters, trustee boards and beneficiaries to really understand how fundraising can come alive from the heart of your charity.

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a one to one process based on the belief that the coachee knows the right answers or has the ability to find the right answer. It is confidential, time bound, goal focused and achieves results.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching is often a great way to make a difference to your life, however, it is not for everyone. It requires commitment and energy – any journey of discovery demands you question what you believe in, the answers lie within you and are so often life changing. These are just some of the things coaching can help you to do. So if want any of these, seriously consider it.

  • Belief in yourself
  • Realisation of your dreams
  • Action, without the fear of failure
  • Gain new support, time and resources
  • Focus
  • Creative ideas
  • A new beginning and direction

How much does it cost to coach or work with Believe YOU can make a difference?

For the coaching programmes its simple, they each have a set cost. Once Fritha has discussed the programme fully with you she will share the price.

For the charity management and fundraising advisory services a fee is fixed once Fritha assesses and you both agree what is required. Fritha understands the funding challenges people face commissioning services like those offered by Believe YOU can make a difference. The benefits and outcomes of the services should always outweigh their cost. Speak to Fritha about the support you or your charity need, be honest about your budget and let Fritha come up with proposal and a cost plan for consideration.

How do you pay for the services of Believe YOU can make a difference?

For coaching services, Fritha always asked for the invoices to be paid in advanced by BACS. Payment of fundraising advisory and charity management services is more flexible and payment schedules are set during the negotiation of contracts.

Who else makes up the Believe YOU can make a difference team?

Fritha always delivers the coaching sessions. She works with a few external companies to help with some marketing, accounting and data management, it all depends on how much work there is and what needs to be done.

Which organisations did Fritha work for before setting up Believe YOU can make a difference?

During Fritha’s fundraising career she worked for Save the Children, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Common Purpose, Action for Children and Charity People. Volunteer positions include Drugs and Homeless Initiative, World Vision Australia, Oxfam Australia

What are the workshops – How big can you give?

They are a two day exploration offering a journey of self discovery, to challenge boundaries which limit your ability to give, and to offer a practical exercise in brainstorming and planning how, you, as individuals can give and in doing so, create the change you desire.

How can I download more information about the workshops?

Click here to download an e-flyer about the workshops.

Who are they aimed at?

The workshops are aimed at everyone. If you have every thought that you want to be more fulfilled inyour life, this course is for you. Click here to watch a video of Fritha explaining this in more detail.

How are the workshops structured?

The workshops are facilitated by Fritha Vincent. There are a series of exercises that happen involving working alone or working in a group. Group coaching is one of the key aspects of the workshop. By the end of the workshop everyone should walk away with a writing pad full of personal thoughts, vision and  a mission for making a difference with actions and plans to help them give bigger, telephone numbers, emails of people to get in touch with, names of books they should read, records of eureka moments and much much more! To read workshop content in more detail click here.

Can only people with a clear dream of making their difference sign up?

No, certainly not. Everyone is welcome on the workshop. The workshop is about finding out how much more of yourself you can put into your life. The work shop is structured to help people find the dreams that lie within them, whether they can see them yet or not.

Where can I learn more about Fritha?

There are lots of different places to learn more. Sassy Six wrote a blog about Fritha and her business and Fritha’s best friend Antonia is writing a blog about Fritha and her journey to motherhood through fostering. It is beautifully written and very funny. Also check out Fritha’s personal Facebook page (everyone is welcome), Believe YOU can make a difference Facebook page, Twitter and her Linkedin profile.


How do I book a place on the workshop?

Click here to book a place

How open is Fritha to giving interviews about her beliefs, the charities is works with and her workshops?

Fritha is very open to this, click through the contacts page, get in touch and ask her. Read her guest blog on goal setting for students planning overseas experiences.

What is a Secret Pillow?

Secret Pillow is a magical quilt that folds up into a pillow. Fritha has run a Secret Pillow workshop with a women’s group in Kerala, India and is now selling their produce here in the UK. Click here to watch the film about Fritha’s project and click here to buy your very own Secret Pillow.

How does Fritha’s relationship with crowdfunder work?

http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/manageprojects/edit/?af=fritha Click here and your project now and secure Fritha’s support.
Crowdfunder.co.uk want as many of the campaigns that run on their site to as successful as possible. They know that people who crowdfund with supporter are far more likely to be successful than those go it alone. All campaigns that are successful pay 5% of their total raised to the Crowdfunder platform as a fee and then Fritha is paid 30% of that as a contribution for her time and commitment.