Fritha’s energy and positivity are infectious and inspiring – the activities and contents of the workshop really built my confidence and helped me to visualise the change I wanted to achieve in my life, and how to do taht. Firtha created an open and supportive enviroment for the workshop particpantts and I found it a really valuable process to go through. Thank you Fritha!

Sarah, How BIG can you give? October 2016

At a personal and professional cross roads, I was introduced to Fritha with, no more reason than: “trust me, she will change your life, she’s an incredible lady.” Taking my friends’s word for it, I turned up at the door with no expectations, and I left having committed to weekly voluntary work for her social business and signing up to her workshop. Need I say more? Weeks later I have found an inner confidence to be more than I ever believed I could be. My eyes are open and I have a new path that I believe in. I am so excited to begin and can’t thank Fritha enough for believing in me and making me feel comforatable to lay myself bare.

Olivia Tuesday, How BIG can you give? October 2016

I recommend the “How big you can giver?” workshop to anyone. You will feel energised, find new ideas and purpose to lead you to achieve your goals. Fritha takes you back to your core values and allows you to see things from a different perspective. Awesome 5 stars. Thank you.

Ben Chappell, How big can you give? February 2014

I signed up fro ‘How big can you give?’ because everyone but me could see my talent and desire to develop a bespoke party planning business. Through this course and Fritha’s ability to draw out what is holding me back, I’ve created and defined a clear vision of what I want to achieve and realistic yet challenging goals to realise my dream. Through fun and thought provoking activities, I have the confidence to give BIG! Thanks Fritha!

Claire Perry, How big can you give? February 2014

A wholehearted thanks on behalf of all of us for your generous and energising session on Friday. You have undoubtedly helped us turn ideas into actions – it was invaluable. It is rare to find someone with the sensitivity and experience of the charity sector, combined with a robust understanding of the commercial world – and especially with knowledge and ideas on how those two can collaborate successfully. Your session renewed our belief in and enthusiasm for the purpose we all got together in the first place, and we made some very positive steps forwards! Thank you.

Trustees of Feeling Good Foundation, August 2014

The Pop-Up Workshop was a very rare, possibly decadent (sorry Fritha!), valuable opportunity to realise and explore my dream. The adventure starts here!

Rosie Tidmarsh, Pop UP How big can you give? workshop, December 2013

Fritha provided an open forum to understand why and how you are going to fulfil your dreams.

Sally Walker, Pop UP How big can you give? workshop, December 2013

Fritha brings an encouraging, high energy approach to her workshop which is wonderfully inspiring. Breaking your goals into bite size pieces makes them less intimidating; feels more achievable.

Emily Beecher, Pop UP How big can you give? workshop, December 2013

Fun, motivating, uplifting and a delight to be a part of. Have the key to the car, just need to learn how to drive.

Meher Haque, Pop Up How big can you give? workshop, December 2013

Click here to watch Kristen’s video testimonial

Kristen Dean, How big can you give? workshop October 2013

Fritha has a fizzy, infectious energy. She uses this to help generate a heightened, creative atmosphere and has the skills to help us pin actions down through practical exercises.

Keir, How big can you give? workshop, November 2013

The workshop has been invaluable to me and in the in future it will be one of the ‘signposts’ that I reflect on. The two days felt natural, comfortable an safe and Fritha has a real gift for creating a space for exploring dreams and I really appreciate her sharing her gift with me. I can’t think of a better way to spend my week. Inspirational and invaluable – thank you Fritha.

Davina, How big can you give? workshop, November 2013

I originally met Fritha earlier this year at a networking event relating to charity and she inspired me her vision. Having now spent 2 days in the creative space The Tent with Fritha and my new friends it is clear that Firtha has a passion and a vision that she ‘selfishly’ uses to help others reach their dreams. Everybody grew in statue over the time we were together and left inspired with new found paths.

Stephen, How big can you give? workshop November 2013

Wonderfully inspiring! Fritha has helped me make sense of chaotic thoughts and given my dream a direction. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited.

Rosie, How big you can give? workshop November 2013

The ‘how big can you give?’ workshop helped me expand my vision of building a better world. Fritha’s inspriational style and the creative tools she shared with us over the two days brought clarity, focus and direction. I left feeling energised and equipped to give even more… thank you!

Janet, How big you can give? workshop November 2013

I must admit I entered into the weekend with a certain amount of doubt and anticipation, with my vagueness of what I wanted to get out of it, and my anticipation that the group would be full of new age do-gooders with a shining history of philanthrophy – would I be enough? I needn’t of worried! It was welcoming, calm, energetic, inspiring, friendly and Fritha in a “my new best friend way” got me to really think about what inspires me, my dreams and how to get there. I don’t want to give too much away, except to say, save yourself a lot of time and energy and do this workshop! You will also meet great people and contacts!

Ooangh O'Sullivan, How big you can give? workshop October 2013

I have just completed the How big can you give?Workshop in Kings Cross, London. I have really enjoyed the weekend, it is very well put together. Fritha creates a safe space, where I felt like I could be completely honest about my dreams.

I came away with a clear vision, mission statement and action plan, for starting my new lingerie company. I would definitely recommend the weekend to everyone! Click here to watch Kulvinder’s video testimonial

Kulvinder Jhalli, How big can you give? workshop, October 2013

Fritha’s workshop was incredibly insightful and transformational for me. Her methods helped me to clarify my dreams and I now feel encouraged to speak of my dreams, plan and live. Fritha has an incredibly passionate and determined spirit and created a safe and confidential enviroment that made me comfortable to embrace my vulnerability and to enable me to grow. Thank you Fritha! You have impacted my life, words can’t describe. Click here to watch Anja’s video testimonial

Anja Hess, How big can you give? workshop October 2013

I came to Fritha’s workshop knowing I want to give and that I wasn’t fulfilled by my job but not having the faintest idea about what, how or who. The workshop was truly inspirational. I left with a vision and plan of action – as well as new confidence and positive outlook. I also really enjoyed the two days. Fritha is an awesome guide and coach, as were my fellow workshoppers. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to know how they can make a difference.

Diana Alcroft, How big can you gve? workshop 2013

I really enjoyed the ‘How big can you give?’ workshop. It was so good to have structured headspace to think about the BIG picture and how to move your ambitions into reality. Fritha has a fantastic and infectious energy and it is great to work with somebody who has identified their own dream of how to make their difference in a BIG way.  

Tom Sessions, Corporate Partnerships Manager, CARE International, 2013

I recently went to Fritha Vincent’s ‘How big can you give?’ two day workshop. As someone with a few decades on the life clock I went with measured enthusiasm. My wife too. We were taken by surprise. Firstly, the group quickly became relaxed. A mix of personalities finding easy ways to relate and respect each other. Secondly, the setting was fun. A small art gallery. Shoreditch at its funky sophisticated best. And then there was Fritha. She combines experience, humour, thoughtful and well presented ideas and material that help you discover more about yourself and the potential we each have to give more to our lives. We left the course on Sunday afternoon refreshed, newly confident and ready to take our lives into a higher, more satisfying gear.

Malcolm Watts, Writer, 2013

I found the ‘How big can you give?’ workshop rewarding both at a personal level, and also in the context of how I could help businesses make a difference with their approach to charitable activities. It was important to me that the workshop delivered a tangible action plan – which it did very well.

Chris Winstanley, Marketing Director, Technology Startup Sector, 2013

Imagine a wonderful ball of energy that instantly expands to fill the space you are in.  One that is compassionate, energising and enabling.  This is Fritha.  Her workshop seamlessly takes you through a series of challenging, fun and sometimes moving exercises that empower you to find out more about yourself, and the difference you can make. Imagine that ball of energy again.  This is you.  Fritha’s biggest gift is to remind you of that.  I arrived on a ‘How Big Can You Give?’ workshop with an idea of what I wanted to be doing.  I left with a clarity and energy that I hadn’t had before (and a bunch of great new friends). A series of one-to-one coaching in the following months enabled me to develop the vision I set out in the workshop further and implement it.  All this with never-ending support, enthusiasm and guidance from Fritha.  I’m now delighted to be ‘up and running’, helping others doing what I love.

Ewan Rayment, Switch Personal Training, 2013

Fritha, last year you helped me to have the confidence that I could add value. This year you have shown me that I really can make a difference. With heartfelt thanks.

Sue, Volunteer 2013

Fritha came to Arnos Vale Cemetery to plan and deliver our first ever fundraising community run. We had a feeling that the run was a good idea but no evidence and the spotlight was on Fritha to make it work.  Fritha took on the challenge with enthusiasm, cheerfulness and professionalism, engaging local businesses and the community as well as convincing volunteers and supporters this was a good idea.  Not only did Fritha help us achieve our fundraising target, importantly she made the run happen and everyone involved thought it was a great event (even though it poured with rain on the day!) and are keen to sign up again next year.  Thanks to Fritha the run will be an annual event in our fundraising calendar.  We would have no hesitation is asking Fritha to work with Arnos Vale Cemetery again in the future.

Juliette Randall, CEO, Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, 2012

Having Fritha as my coach helped me hit the ground running when I took up my position as Director of Campaigns and Fundraising at Alcohol Concern. Fritha supported me to view situations from a variety of perspectives, set deadlines and push through with a ‘just do it‘ attitude. Fritha, as a Fundraising Advisor, works well with my fundraisers and leads on projects – she feels like part of our team.

Emily Robinson, Director of Campaigns & Fundraising, Alcohol Concern, 2012

Fritha has been inspirational in helping Encompass to develop its fundraising vision and capacity.  She not only brought a sound background knowledge, but also was able to instil confidence in staff to take forward the ideas developed.  Perhaps most importantly, she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in helping out with the actual work.

Eric Appleby, CEO, Encompass 2012

As my coach and fundraising advisor, Fritha was a huge help to me when I began a new job in a small charity which needed lots of fundraising support. The task was daunting, but from the very beginning Fritha helped me to set goals and to achieve them. She took away the feeling that what lay ahead was scary or challenging, and made it feel very possible – fun even. She encouraged me every step of the way –  always making me feel great about myself and the work I was doing. The result was that I hit the ground running and had a fantastic outcome. Phone coaching was excellent as it fitted easily into my schedule, and I always came off the phone feeling empowered and full of energy. I have never had coaching before and had no idea how beneficial it could be. Now I tell everybody about Fritha and encourage them to have coaching too! I would and do recommend Fritha as a coach to anybody who is looking to achieve their goals, or who simply needs some support in their present role. As a fundraising consultant Fritha’s knowledge is second to none. I never fail to be wowed by her creativity and her intuition. She has a vast experience in individual and major fundraising in particular, and really understands what makes people want to give and how to encourage them to give more. Fritha will help your organisation to feel good about fundraising and to set achievable goals which bring results. As well as being vastly creative and full of ideas, Fritha is extremely practical and understands the charity sector inside out….

Madeline Mosse, Fundraising Manager, Encompass, 2012

Fritha has been a great coach. Very approachable and easy to talk to. She has helped me to work through a number of issues and helped me relate my own experiences into a coaching role.

Jo-Anne Buchan, Strategic Head of Customer Services, North Somerset Council (NSC). 2012

The coaching and support Fritha has given me in fundraising has helped tremendously. Fritha enabled me to be more confident in my abilities. She helped me to realise my strengths and weaknesses, and supported me in making ideas in my head come to life. Fritha has an incredible way of making you rethink what you’re doing and looking at things from a different angle, and getting more things done because of it. Fritha helped open my eyes to the bigger plan and helped me delegate, giving me more time to focus on specific tasks. Fritha is incredibly talented, and I would highly recommend working with her, I have found her very inspiring and passionate about helping you to really believe you CAN make a difference.

Katie Endacott, Corporate Fundraising Manager, CHICKS, 2011

Fritha’s life coaching sessions came to me at the most opportune time. From a state of confusion, and uncertainty, I emerged from our life coaching sessions with a clear and focussed orientation. I now know where I am heading and what I want from life. I also know how to get the best out of what I am doing with my life now.

Zanni Arnot, mother, aspiring writer, and trainee counsellor, 2011

Having been in fundraising for 6 years I wasn’t quite sure what to do next or how to move on to the next level when I saw an advert for Fritha’s services ‘Believe you can make a difference’.  We worked together over the period of a couple of months and I feel it has completely changed my life and approach to my career.  I feel more confident in my own skills and have the tools at my disposal to move onto the next step.  As Fritha has a background in fundraising she understands the industry and I have found her coaching excellent, I would definitely recommend her services to any fundraisers wanting to develop themselves and their careers.

Claire Moss, Community Fundraising Manager, Marie Curie Cancer Care, 2011

I have really enjoyed working with Fritha, she has a warm, open and positive approach and was genuinely committed to supporting me through out my coaching journey. Fritha tailored her tools to my needs to ensure I enjoyed my sessions and was able to gain as much as I could from each one. Over the phone coaching allowed me the opportunity to fit coaching in around my lifestyle, it was easy and effective method of attending sessions and suited my commitments. I am delighted with the results and feel more confidant and in control of my life, and have also subsequently secured my dream job which I largely put down to Fritha’s guidance and coaching techniques. I would highly recommend working with Fritha, she is inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed my amazing life coaching experience.

Bianca O’Donnell, Corporate Accounts Executive, Teenage Cancer Trust, 2010

I feel the one to one coaching you gave the ‘I did that‘ trainees had a big impact because it was something they had not experienced before. So far their training as been focused on developing skills and working with the specialist tutors. Your coaching help them look at their own aspirations for the future and realistically consider how they themselves can make it happen.

Holly Stratton, Project Manager, Heart n Soul, 2011

Coaching with Fritha at the start of my MBA course in Carbon Management, ensured I started out with a calm and focused approach. Fritha helped me to focus my energy solely on the behaviours and activities which would help me achieve my overall goal of passing the course within the year. She constantly challenged my commitment to my goal when external factors overwhelmed me. I am delighted to say I have now passed and would strongly recommend coaching with Fritha – her energy and passion is infectious.

Alistair Newells, Graduate, 2010

I remember receiving an the email from a friend who recommended Fritha and coaching. Up to this point I had been drifting through life, with dreams, but no practical way of ensuring that they happened. I seemed content that they existed in my brain and that was enough. On meeting Fritha, she was able to ask me direct, practical questions about what I hoped to achieve in my life. This was the first step on our journey together, and I grew in confidence, Fritha showed me various techniques that I could employ to make all the ideas that were floating around my head a reality. From the very first session when I looked at various aspects of my life, to when she helped me put together a plan to help me get published, I felt that I was on a journey with someone who was positive, and who would encourage me to succeed. I thought that it would be some sort of earthquake like change in my life, and maybe I did have some sort of epiphany after our first few sessions. But it felt more like a swelling tide. The more I put into practice the advice and ideas I found through my sessions, the more I saw my life change for the better. By the end, the tide was washing through everything. So much so I supporting my friends on how to put their plans into action. Life continues, and throws up new challenges and dreams, but through my work with Fritha, I feel I can tackle them head on, and be positive that they will be successful.

Anand Modha, Researcher, NSPCC, 2010

I really enjoyed being coached by Fritha.  It was great to have high quality coaching from someone with a really solid fundraising background. Fritha was challenging but supportive and really helped me to identify some tangible goals that have pushed me to perform to my best. Fritha’s coaching format of phone calls rather than face to face meetings also allowed me to better fit this in around my work.

Tom Sessions, Global Account Manager, UNICEF, 2011